Jenny Manuera

Jenny has worked as a Counsellor & therapist for 20 years and a Clinical & Professional Supervisor for 15 years.

Matua Wi Waikari

Over 30 years working as a Counsellor and Social worker within Tamaki Makaurau (Auckland).

Courses – “Te Whaariki Hou”

The weaving of a new mat

Working Effectively
with Maori

Include tikanga, waiata, whakatauki Maori Mythology concepts, protocols, education in Te Ao Maori

Working with Trauma with Maori Tikanga-base Models of practice

Using Mythology, Maori concepts and the creative use of a realm of Tikanga-Based developed Models using “Te Whare Tapa Wha”

Hearing from Matua, his perspective and depth of insight. It gave me bit more courage to be myself in my sessions with Maori and more understanding of Tikanga to look for ways of inviting these conversations. To make more use of the concepts of mana and aroha in my conversations with school aged kids. These are beautiful words with so much meaning and bring possibility for change in a person’s self identity

They were great and easy to understand. Enjoyed how they incorporated waiata to get us up and about and break the cycle of sitting in zoom meeting.

Also really enjoyed the simplicity of it and hearing Matua’s story.

The top 3 things I got out of the wānanga:

1: The beautiful “soul” that Matua Wi brought to us in the willing to ‘translate’ or try to adjust to to different cultures.

2: The new understanding about Aroha.

3: The confidence that we cannot do wrong.


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Our Values


Bringing people to their full potential as leaders of their whanau and community and their way to Te Ao Māori, enriching their wider whanau, hapu and Iwi.

Encourage pursuit of higher academia and qualified to lead.


Human relations around etiquette.

Enhancing people’s mana through hospitality and Being there for people and respecting them



Protection, preserve, reappropriate & Being responsive and responsible.


Being unified and focused on people, karakia, and a holistic view of a person.