Workshop includes tikanga, wawaiata, whakatauki Maori Mythology co concepts, protocols, education in Te Ao Maori

Workshop Content

  • Creative

  • Innovative

  • Resources

  • Simplistic for Understanding

  • Demystification of Te Ao Maori

  • Energetic

  • Knowledgeable

  • Demonstrative

  • Exciting

  • Relevant to Counselling & Health Practitioners

  • Leave with more tools in Kete

  • Show use of Tihei wa mauri ora Evaluation tool
     T Piripi, V Body indigenous Resources

Hearing from WI, his perspective and depth of insight. It gave me bit more courage to be myself in my sessions with Maori and more understanding of Tikanga to look for ways of inviting these conversations. To make more use of the concepts of mana and aroha in my conversations with school aged kids. These are beautiful words with so much meaning and bring possiblitiy for change in a person’s self identity

~ Julie Cullen

The facilitators were great and easy to understand. Enjoyed how they incorporated waiata to get us up and about and break the cycle of sitting in zoom meeting. Also really enjoyed the simplicity of it and and Wi’s story.

~ Paula Whenuaroa

The top 3 things I got out of the wānanga:

1: The beautiful “soul” that Wi brought to us in the willing to ‘translate’ or try to adjust to to different cultures.

2: The new understanding about Aroha.

3: The confidence that we cannot do wrong.

 ~ Mariane Morandini

Your Facilitators

Jenny Manuera is Director of Manuera Life Development Services and facilitates

“Te Whaariki Hou” with Facilitator/Maori Advisor – Wi Turei Waikari.

Both Wi and Jenny have facilitated the noho marae training for Provisional Counsellors for NZAC Auckland over a period of 7 years and also in the Waikato.

They both currently facilitate 1 day workshops around NZ within a Marae setting for counsellors and other health practitioners. Both facilitators bring a wealth of experience, very creative practical tools and lots of fun within their training events.


Jenny Manuera

Jenny has 18 years experience of Counselling, Supervision, Cultural Supervision and Training and Assessing.

She has lectured as a Guest Lecturer in various institutions in both the Waikato and in Auckland.

Wi Turei Waikari

Wi has 30 years working as a Counsellor/Social worker within Tamaki Makaurau (Auckland). Prior to this Wi worked as Kaitiaki in an Urban Marae working in the role often of Kaumatua and facilitating programmes.

He currently works as a Maori advisor/consultant and facilitates for Manuera Life. He recently lectured at Ntec and has also guest lectured at various institutions of learning in Auckland.

Matua Wi

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Working Effectively with Maori

Friday, 19 April 2024
9:30am – 2:30pm